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Horror-Thriller Concept for international distribution
The Babadook meets Jacob's Ladder



A broken cop’s family has been abducted by a psychopath, he has to follow instructions to save them, in the process he comes face to face with something even darker.


Marketing Hook

We don't have a huge marketing budget, but what we have is a great idea to spread the word and make people interested in our film.

The Production


This is an indie film with a small budget but high production value, this is how we are going to do it.


Ryan is a trusty but broken cop being 20 years a detective and seeing the darkest side of life made him a rugged man. Now he is facing his biggest challenge yet: His wife and two daughters have been abducted by a psychopath. He has to follow the dark stranger’s specific instructions, move into an empty house and not leave, stay undetected, make a sacrifice every day for 12 days and figure out who the darker stranger is and what he wants.
The house itself is a portal to a dark dimension through which he will have to face the darkest of evils in order to save his family. In the process he comes face to face with something even scarier, himself.


Marketing Hook

We don’t have a huge budget for flooding the internet with promotion, however what we do have is creativity. We want to make a film with several different versions and conclusions, the viewer can find clues in the main version, you will have to visit websites, solve puzzles and get to an editing site where a new version of the film can be assembled - like an online scavenger hunt and the treasure you get at the end is a new movie with a different conclusion. There will be several different versions and they will all add up to a big final conclusion.

We will promote this to various horror communities and online scavenger-hunting groups, thus generating free word of mouth promotion.


The Production

Horror is one of the most profitable genres in filmmaking. Our aim is to shoot on a low budget but bring high production value to the project. Full Screen Films is a multi award winning animation studio, we have worked on dozens of films, TV shows and events. Our strengths are the visuals and atmosphere building bringing a professional and unique look to our films. We will be doing all the cgi and post production in-house, which is going to save us a lot of money. There are very few locations in the movie, 70% of the runtime is happening in one location, the house.  Shooting with the actors will be limited to 10 days, all the close-ups and filler shots are going to be shot with a minimal crew and no actors.


Our shooting language is english, we are aiming for the international VOD market. Horror as a genre doesn’t recognize borders, it works on any side of the planet and can be easily marketed to its target audience.


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Demeter Lorant
Director / Writer

Multi award director Demeter Lorant has been making films for more than 20 years with several internationally acclaimed short films and more than 50 music videos and documentaries under his belt. 

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